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  • Survey: Could You Accurately Guess The Cost of Life Insurance?

    by Raychel Adiutori  Life insurance: It’s not exactly the kind of topic that comes up during family dinner. No one really wants to talk about the death of a loved one. But when it comes to securing your family’s financial security, it’s a conversation that needs to happen. The... Read More
  • Caller ID Spoofing

    BY:  FCC.GOV   What Is Spoofing? Spoofing is when a caller deliberately falsifies the information transmitted to your caller ID display to disguise their identity. Scammers often use neighbor spoofing so it appears that an incoming call is coming from a local number, or spoof a... Read More
  • How to Save Money on Your Business Energy Bill

    by Abby Badach Lowering your energy use is a major opportunity to save some money on expenses. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, about 30% of energy use in buildings is inefficient and unnecessary. That means a lot of businesses could benefit from... Read More
  • Digital Estate Planning: What Happens to Online Logins After You’re Gone?

    by Walter Doerschuk Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can do just about anything online these days. Whether it’s watching a movie, checking your bank account balance, shopping for clothes or ordering pizza, each activity likely requires a username and password. Studies... Read More
  • 811: The Number to Call Before Digging

    by Carolyn Sennett Whether you’re planting a garden, installing a mailbox or hiring a contractor for a more complex job, it’s important to call 811 before digging in your yard. Why? Calling 811 will get your underground utility lines marked and your project off to a safe start.... Read More
  • How to Survive a Power Outage

    by Alex Buczynski  Power outages can occur at any time—and they’re almost always unexpected. When it comes to how to survive a power outage, there are few things to keep in mind beyond ... Read More
  • Trampoline Safety Tips for Jumpers

    by Erie Insurance The sight of a trampoline would have any neighbor kid jumping for joy — and wanting to join the fun. On the other hand, backyard trampoline injuries lead to more than 60,000 emergency room visits a year, according to a study from the official journal of the... Read More
  • Alternatives to Lawn Sprinkler Systems

    by Erie Insurance Because of their convenience, ease of use and sheer effectiveness, there’s a reason people love lawn sprinkler systems. But not everyone has the money to hire a contractor to adequately install an entire system.  This doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful... Read More
  • Keeping Costs in Check? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Cut Corners on Business Insurance

    by Tyler Howell   Owning a small business can be one of life’s greatest balancing acts. Every day there’s the stress of managing employees, finding (and retaining) customers and monitoring cash flow. And on top of that, you’ll always feel the pressure to keep costs down — and... Read More
  • Life Insurance for Single Parents

    by Alexandra Sienerth As a single parent, you want to be there for all of life’s little moments – when your kids start riding a bike, go on their first date or head off to college. Your children count on you for all those things and so much more. That’s why a ... Read More


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