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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.  Please note:  Erie reserves the right to refuse to insure any driver that does not meet its underwriting guidelines.

How do I add a driver onto my Personal Auto Insurance Policy?

Download a Personal Driver Questionnaire and have the prospective driver complete the form entirely and mail or fax to our office. Within five to seven business days, you will receive a revised declaration page (via mail) confirming the addition of the new driver.

When should I add my children to my auto policy?

Your children should be added to your policy as soon as they obtain their driver's license.

How do I add a YOUNG DRIVER onto my Personal Auto Insurance Policy?

Young drivers in your household will be added to the policy effective the date he or she gets their driver's license, if they lived in the household when they obtained it. For more information on young drivers, please contact our office.

It is also advisable to contact us for a quote before purchasing a vehicle for a young driver. Cost for coverage can vary widely for different makes of vehicles.

If I rent a car, will it be covered if I damage it or should I purchase the "collision damage waiver" from the rental company?

Generally, private passenger autos you rent - including motor homes, pick ups and vans - are covered for damage you cause to them, if they are not covered by the rental agency's insurance. Coverage is available for up to 45 consecutive days. Coverage only applies if there is full coverage on at least one vehicle on your policy. If you don't carry physical damage on your policy, we recommend you buy the rental company's "Collision Damage Waiver."

If I rent a truck or trailer to move my personal belongings, does my auto insurance provide any coverage?

Liability coverage for damage you do to other vehicles and property, or injuries you cause to other persons, is the same coverage as your personal auto. However, there is no coverage if the truck you rent has more than six wheels. This liability coverage also applies to a rented trailer.

If I loan my car to someone else, is damage covered?

Generally, anyone to whom you give permission with a valid driver's license to drive your car is covered under ERIE's policy. Relatives who live in your home that are listed on the policy are automatically covered while driving your car. Drivers specifically excluded on your policy, however, are not covered. The name of any excluded driver should appear on the coverage sheet (Declarations) of your policy.

What should I do if an accident or loss occurs?

If you are involved in an accident or loss:

  • Help any injured. Get names, addresses, phone number, and license plate numbers of those involved, including all witnesses.
  • Take photos of damages.
  • Do not discuss an accident with anyone except the police or our representative.
  • Protect your auto and any property from further damage.
  • Promptly call the police if someone is injured, damage is extensive, or in the case of theft. In the case of a "hit-and-run," you must report the accident to the police as soon as possible within 24 hours.
  • Call 301-791-7910 during business hours, Monday-Friday.  See our How do I report a claim question for additional information.

How do I report a claim?

As soon as possible, call our office during business hours.  You can also file your claim immediately with our 24-hour claims service for after-hours and weekend claims service.  For a full list of insurance carrier contacts, click here.

How do I add a new employee to my company's Auto Insurance Policy?

Download a Commercial Driver Questionnaire and have your new employee complete the form and mail or fax to our office.



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