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  • Back To School Cybersecurity Tips for Parents and Kids

    The time to start the new school term is just around the corner. And for parents, the excitement and anxiety may be palpable, especially if it’s their kid’s first time attending a new school. Ads for back-to-school gear start as early as July, increasing in frequency and urgency... Read More
  • Medicare vs. Medicaid: What is the difference?

      Who qualifies? Medicare is available to Americans age 65 and older, and sometimes to younger persons with disabilities. If you’ve paid payroll taxes for the last 10 years, a portion of your Medicare coverage is free. If you have not paid the taxes, you are still eligible for... Read More
  • Summer Planning for Stress-Free Fun

    It may be the happiest time of the year, but summer can also be the riskiest. By: Fran O’Brien, Division President, North America Personal Risk Services, ChubbChubb FROM THE JUNE 2016 ISSUE OF INVESTMENT ADVISOR  Summer is a season of recreational fun and personal relaxation; a... Read More
  • Boating with Dogs: Expert Shares Top 10 Water Safety Tips

    Pets are members of our family and more often than ever they go wherever we go – even for an outing on the water. Whether your boat passengers have four legs or two, you’ll want to do all that you can to keep everyone safe as you sail or motor across the surf.   To compile a... Read More
  • Free Antivirus Coupon Leads to Tech Support Scam

    Scammers have found a new clever ruse to trick you into calling for assistance, and ultimately getting scammed.   The scheme is that users are redirected to this coupon page via a malvertising campaign:       It plays on special offers, discounts and time-limited deals to... Read More
  • Why You Need a Primary-Care Provider

    by:  Mehmet Oz, MD on 10/21/2015 When you become a doctor, you get used to answering all sorts of questions from friends and family. Sometimes it’s a new bunion that’s appeared or a rash that won’t go away, but recently a friend asked me whether or not they really needed a... Read More
  • Choosing, Transporting and Caring for a Live Christmas Tree

    When it comes to live Christmas trees, I’ve bought everything from tiny trees for my former dorm room to ceiling grazers for my home... Read More
  • Thanksgiving Home & Travel Safety Tips

    Thanksgiving is almost here and across the country, Americans are gearing up for one of the most spectacular feasts of the year.  Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings family and friends together to share good food, conversation, and laughter. In the midst of all this festive... Read More
  • 4 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Work With One Insurance Company

    By: Carolyn Sennett There are lots of ways to get insurance coverage these days, but working with one insurance agent and company for your business, home, auto and life insurance has a lot of advantages. Here are four: 1)  Fewer worries – You’ve worked hard to build a solid... Read More
  • Electrical Extension Cord Tips

    “Oh my goodness, you have so many things!” exclaimed the person who first stepped foot in my dorm room.  Actually, it wasn’t just one person. Anyone who peeked their head in my room had the same comment: “You have so much stuff!”  I liked to think it was a compliment. Yes, I had... Read More


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