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  • Safe Ways to Shovel Snow

    by Catherine Amick Shoveling snow: great form of exercise or risk to your health? The answer is probably both. A 17-year study published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine in 2011 shows shoveling snow sends, an average of more than 11,000 people to the ER each year. ... Read More
  • Cleaning Your House after the Flu

    by Jennifer Sonntag A-Choo! It’s here…you couldn’t escape the flu. Despite your efforts to prevent it, you’ve found yourself down and out.  Although we can’t wave a magic wand to get you back to 100 percent, we can offer some tips about how to clean your house to get rid of the... Read More
  • How to Shop Safe Online This Holiday Season

    Last year, ERIE Customer Don O.* of Pennsylvania received a text from Amazon letting him know that his package had been delivered. The only problem? He hadn’t ordered anything—an identity thief had. Don later discovered that the thief had also opened up a fake credit card in his... Read More
  • Chimney Check-Up

    by Abby Badach on November 1, 2017   The fireplace may be a happy spot for the family to gather ‘round. But did you know that fireplaces and chimneys caused 23,100 residential fires in the United States in 2013—and that those blazes caused $109.1 million in property damage and... Read More
  • Don't Leave the Leaves!

    Falling leaves may be pretty, but disposing of them can get ugly. Plus, options (or laws) for burning, bagging, and composting are different in each area. Here’s what to know: Don’t burn
    Many local governments are banning leaves and other... Read More
  • How to Save Money on Your Business Energy Bill

    An easy way to curb business costs is through your energy bill. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, about 30 percent of energy use in buildings is inefficient and unnecessary. For many businesses, lighting and cooling use the most electricity, but energy... Read More
  • Back To School Cybersecurity Tips for Parents and Kids

    The time to start the new school term is just around the corner. And for parents, the excitement and anxiety may be palpable, especially if it’s their kid’s first time attending a new school. Ads for back-to-school gear start as early as July, increasing in frequency and urgency... Read More
  • Medicare vs. Medicaid: What is the difference?

      Who qualifies? Medicare is available to Americans age 65 and older, and sometimes to younger persons with disabilities. If you’ve paid payroll taxes for the last 10 years, a portion of your Medicare coverage is free. If you have not paid the taxes, you are still eligible for... Read More
  • Summer Planning for Stress-Free Fun

    It may be the happiest time of the year, but summer can also be the riskiest. By: Fran O’Brien, Division President, North America Personal Risk Services, ChubbChubb FROM THE JUNE 2016 ISSUE OF INVESTMENT ADVISOR  Summer is a season of recreational fun and personal relaxation; a... Read More
  • Boating with Dogs: Expert Shares Top 10 Water Safety Tips

    Pets are members of our family and more often than ever they go wherever we go – even for an outing on the water. Whether your boat passengers have four legs or two, you’ll want to do all that you can to keep everyone safe as you sail or motor across the surf.   To compile a... Read More


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