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How to Take Pictures After a Car Accident

by Justin Metz

In the moments after a car accident, there are countless questions running through your mind.

What just happened? Is everyone OK? How badly damaged is my car? Was it their fault or mine?

After stepping out of your vehicle you scan the scene, grab your insurance ID card from the glovebox and call the police. But as you wait for help to arrive, there’s one more important step you should consider: taking photos of the accident.

What to Know About Workers’ Compensation and Working from Home

by Erie Insurance

In the midst of this pandemic, you may have found yourself among the 63 percent of Americans working from home. A recent Gartner poll predicts that 48 percent of workers will continue to work remote at least part time even when it’s safe to physically return to work again.

Of course, working from home has pros and cons. It also raises serious questions like what would happen if an employee becomes injured while performing work at home.


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