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Six Questions to Ask an Insurance Agent

When your life changes, your insurance often needs to change with it. Yet it’s not always clear what kind of protection you, your family or your business really need.

Bowers Insurance is here to help you get everything squared away.

Not sure how to start? Here are six questions to ask one of our insurance agents.

1. Do I need additional insurance if I’m remodeling or adding on to my home?


1. Put your mail and newspaper on hold or have a neighbor gather each day.
2. Timers on you lights to go on and off at various times. If possible, have your television or radio come on to give the effect someone is home.
3. If possible, park a car in your driveway.
4. Let a responsible neighbor know that you are going away and a contact number to reach you in an emergency.
5. If you have an answering machine, make sure the message indicates you can’t get to the phone not that you are away.


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