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Food for your mood: How what you eat affects your mental health

By Alice Gomstyn

Cory Metzler used to be what she called a "closet eater." The 58-year-old Lake Worth, Florida, woman said she managed to pass up the donuts and pizza frequently on hand in her workplace, but later "rewarded" herself with cookies and carb-laden treats at home. Cory, who suffered from depression at the time, says the treats gave her "a two-second lift, then hours of hateful regret."

"That sad cycle continued for years," she says.

Cleaning Your House after the Flu

by Jennifer Sonntag

A-Choo! It’s here…you couldn’t escape the flu. Despite your efforts to prevent it, you’ve found yourself down and out.  Although we can’t wave a magic wand to get you back to 100 percent, we can offer some tips about how to clean your house to get rid of the germs and keep others from getting sick, too.

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