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Why Businesses Need Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

It’s a fact of life that things break down. (And they usually do at the worst possible time, but that’s another story.)

Many of us have at one time felt like everything in the house is malfunctioning. But what about when something in your business breaks down? Would you be able to keep your doors open and make payroll if a critical piece of equipment wasn’t working?


Unfortunately, these situations happen. And when they do, they can be devastating to a business.


Six Questions to Ask an Insurance Agent

When your life changes, your insurance often needs to change with it. Yet it’s not always clear what kind of protection you, your family or your business really need.

Bowers Insurance is here to help you get everything squared away.

Not sure how to start? Here are six questions to ask one of our insurance agents.

1. Do I need additional insurance if I’m remodeling or adding on to my home?

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