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  • Who is Responsible for Shoveling Sidewalks?

    While snow removal is far from anyone’s favorite task, it has to be done. This is especially true after heavy snowfall since sidewalks covered in snow and ice are... Read More
  • How To Donate your Car to Charity

    Originally Posted By: Erie Insurance Many people want to give back during the holiday season by volunteering and donating money.   Did you know that you can also donate your car to charity? If you go this route... Read More
  • The 10 Commandments of Candle Safety

    Originally Posted By: Erie Insurance Whether it’s a menorah, a candelabra or a single taper, it’s safe to say that candles are everywhere this winter season.   Are you planning on lighting up a few... Read More
  • Christmas Wishes

    A little something from our family to yours.  Click Here Read More

    December 24 - Close @ 12 noon
    December 25 & 26 - CLOSED... Read More
  • 8 Tips To Keep Your Buildings Safe In Cold Temperatures

     Originally Posted By: Evergreen Insurance and Risk Management It is getting colder here in Hagerstown, Maryland. Forecasters say that this trend of frigid-cold weather is here to stay with us for a while. Here are some important steps to take in order to make sure that these... Read More
  • 2015 HSA Limits

      2015 HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT (HSA) LIMITS Following are the 2015 & 2014 HSA limits determined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS):   Coverage Type Regulation 2015 Amount 2014 Amount   Individual Annual Contribution Maximum $3,350 $3,300 Minimum... Read More
  • Maryland Health Connection Enrollment

    If you are interested in enrolling with Maryland Health Connection an enrollment event will be held Saturday, December 6th from 10:00 AM to 2:00PM at Robinwood Medical Center, 11110 Medical Campus Rd, Room 122, Hagerstown, MD  21740. For more information... Read More
  • What to Know About Winterizing Your Home

    The last leaves are falling off the trees, the holiday planning is getting underway and the morning air has that distinctive crisp chill here in Tri-State Area. Whether you like it or not, it’s almost winter. You’ve probably unpacked your cold-weather clothes, made travel... Read More
  • Identity Recovery and Fraud Reimbursement Coverage

    In the time it takes for you to hit the purchase button in your favorite website shop, a thief could steal your identity. That means months of frustration, hours on the phone talking to creditors and lawyers, and hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars to restore your good name... Read More


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